Original Signature pizza

high quality hand crafted pizza

Each pie of pizza is hand crafted by the experienced craftman. With carefully selected best ingrediant, the craftman cooks up to individual pizza at perfection every day. Many of the ingredients are chosen by two sisters and forms a taste that can't be replicated. In the hot retro oven, Two sisters Pizza has each mouthwatering pie ready to be devoured in just minutes.

Made in Chiang Mai.

Pizza… the way it oughta be.

Fresh Baked Pizza

We are passionate about the quality of our pizza. Our hand crafted crust is a key secret of our success. We baked each pizza and every pizza is prepared fresh in our kitchen.


Fresh ingredients

The secret to making a better pizza is "Fresh Ingredients". The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. We’re as hungry for perfection and success today as we were when we first opened our store.


Delicious pizza

The pizza from which almost all designs are based was created in the 1889 by the hands of the famous Naples chef Raffaele Esposito who made three pizzas for the King and Queen of Italy.